The First Congregational UCC, Watertown, WI Welcomes You

We are people; Families of many shapes and sizes, couples and singles, widowed, divorced, young and old.

We come from many backgrounds- Congregational, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and many more. And some of us never belonged to a church until we found this one.

There are enough of us to be strong, with diverse talents and concerns. But we are small enough to know and care about each other.

Message from the Interim Pastor….

I hope and pray that all who are reading this New Year message are continuing to experience and to celebrate and to enjoy and to share and to receive the gift of Christmas. Not only are there 12 days of Christmas according to legend, but let us remember that Christmas invites us to a faith commitment that lasts all year, and that is not merely a New Year Resolution, but is a lifetime investment that changes the way we look at our lives in this world.

EVERY day is to be greeted with expectation and excitement for the great gifts we will receive. EVERY day is to be welcomed with the excitement of a five-year-old who is discovering what is in her Christmas stocking. When we are open to them, EVERY day has a “Secret Santa” moment when you and I are surprised with something or someone that we never anticipated and which/who brings smiles and giggles and blessings and happiness to us and our community.

Christmas changes the way we accept life.

Here is a simple and specific example. On Tuesday, December 27, our congregation was scheduled and prepared to host a Blood Drive on behalf of the Blood Center of Wisconsin. This had been on our schedule for months. However, over the Christmas weekend the furnace for our Fellowship Hall failed. Every effort was made to heat that space, but when the staff from the Blood Center arrived the temperature in that room was 60 degrees. They informed us that they are not allowed to have a Blood Drive under the temperature of 65 degrees.

What should we do? Who are we going to call? There was literally one hour to make other arrangements. Our staff called Christ United Methodist Church on Hall Street. They are our neighbors. They are our sisters and brothers in the faith. They live by a Christmas creed. When there is no room in the inn, they open their doors and provide a safe space. And they did!!

The Blood Drive Staff moved all of their equipment and resources down to the Methodist church fellowship hall. Melissa Mattke and her family and other church members helped move the food and refreshments to the Methodist Church building and were there all afternoon serving the many blood donors.

Christmas was being lived out in Watertown, Wisconsin on Tuesday, December 27. Christmas is not only one day. Christmas is not only a remembrance of a day long ago. Christmas is today. Christmas is a way of life. Christmas informs our behavior. Christmas unites sisters and brothers. Thank you God, for Christmas.

It has changed my world. I am eternally grateful.

May our New Year be filled with Christmas!

Interim Pastor, Stephen Welch

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