There is a ministry for everyone

Music Ministry

As we begin to worship in person Choral Music Director, Juanita Edington invites you to provide a Musical Offering .


     We have moved to a mask affirming policy.  You are welcome regardless of your masking choice and please feel free to sing.

     We are seeking your offering of musical gifts for our worship. A vocalist leads the hymns for the day with a microphone for clarity for the in-person congregation and for those attending on-line.  I am looking for singers who would be willing to lead the hymns at any time, but especially for Sundays when I am not able to be in worship. I will be gone June 12 (thank you, Pastor Stephen for agreeing to be on mic) and June 26, where I am still looking for a volunteer. Please contact me if interested.

     Would you be interested in sharing a musical offering?   I am looking for musicians to serve our church by sharing their musical gifts.  Susie has been filling this role almost exclusively since March of 2020, but any musician in the congregation or friend of the congregation is welcome to participate.  The musical offering can be vocal or instrumental.  Please contact me if you would be interested.  Thank you!

    Thank you to Jennie Ortega who led our hymns on May 1 and Susie Krueger who provided the musical offerings during the month of May.


Congregational Singing:

Our mask affirming policy allows congregational singing with or without masks.    Each congregant should decide whether to participate or not.

**   This is well within the common practice for churches of members in the United Church of Christ Musicians Association.

Children Ministry

Sunday School is Virtual.

  Our last Sunday School was May 22nd.  We will be taking a break over the summer.  Watch for special events to take place over the summer. We will see what happens for next year!

Youth Group - In Person

Summer Youth Group InPerson meetings.

Time: 6pm-7:30pm - YOUTH ROOM


  It has been wonderful to see everyone in person!  Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:30pm.  

We are enjoying our time together so much that we are going to continue to meet throughout the summer!!  If you have any outside games, basketballs, kickballs, or other outdoor fun summer things that you would be willing to donate, we would appreciate it! 

We are also looking for donations of simple snacks such as chips, cookies, or crackers.  We always eat a meal, but snacking is fun too!  Soda is always needed also! If you would like to make us a meal, we certainly wouldn't turn that down!

  Thank you as always for your continued support!  If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to ask!  Feel free to join us anytime on Tuesday evenings!

Make sure to contact Melissa Mattke or the church office to connect with the program leader.

Intentional Faith Formation


Two Study Groups Offered

1.  Bible Study:     We are finishing up  with the “Listen Up”  3 part study of the Book of Genesis.   Next in our series will be Romans chapters 1-8.   Thanks to the Frater Library  Fund for providing all the workbook materials needed.

Our group continues to meet on ZOOM at 9am on Tuesdays.  We have wonderful conversations.  Please feel free to join us at any time!  

Contact Melissa Mattke or the church office for the  Zoom link .


2.  Book study, "The Power of Now", by Eckhart Tolle will begin Friday, April 22nd at 9 a.m.   Books are provided to “borrow” through our Frater Library Fund.

Contact Melissa Mattke or the church office for the  Zoom link .

Confirmation Program

Confirmation took place in May 2021.   Watch for details and program information for the next school year.