Outreach and Missions of our Church

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Partnering for Mission and Giving.

Watertown Bread Basket Food Pantry AND the Watertown Food Pantry:

Jennifer Rhodes (volunteer for the Watertown Bread Basket Food Pantry) and Jennifer Bakke (board member on behalf of 1st Congregational UCC for the Watertown Food Pantry) are developing a plan to re-engage member giving of food items starting in July 2022.

 Their primary focus during April & May has been discussing the similarities and differences of the two food pantries and how to coordinate giving to both food pantries by identifying items both pantries can use and then seeking monthly donations that will be equally divided between the two pantries.


Jennifer and Jennifer are also envisioning ways to incorporate other targeted giving including Christmas in July, SOS (Support Our Students) in August, Undies Sunday in September, diapers for Mary’s Room in October, etc.

Watch the Chimes Newsletters , notes in the weekly bulletin and occasional in-person announcements before the Sunday service. 

They hope to get the communication ball rolling and keep it rolling.