August ReOpening Update:

We are following relaxed safety protocols to come together safely and caringly as the faithful, supportive community that we are. 

       We can accommodate 90 people so come one and all: vaccinated adults, unvaccinated adults, vaccinated children, and unvaccinated children. 

      Services will still be recorded and offered for future viewing on Cable TV, Facebook and our website.  We are not there yet but are also preparing to pursue the technology needed to offer live streaming in the future.

      The test run of offering an outdoor Fellowship went very well after our 176th anniversary celebration on July 11th.  In August we plan to offer outdoor Fellowship the first and third Sunday of the month weather permitting. 

      We’ve also agreed that unvaccinated children may come forward for Family Time if they wish as long as they are wearing a mask. Children will be socially distanced from each other at the front of the congregation. 

The balance of the covid safe management policies for August’s services remain the same as followed in July:  participants that are fully vaccinated are free to choose if they want to wear a mask; those who have not been vaccinated are requested to wear a mask, and everyone is encouraged to wear a mask while singing. 

      As stated last month, reservations are not necessary as we have plenty of room to socially distance in our sanctuary.

The full list of "Safety and Sanitation Protocals" are listed below.


Reopening:  Safety and Sanitation Protocol   as of July 1, 2021

Enter the church through the main entrance as directed by the greeter.

Proceed directly to the Sanctuary.    Offering plates  will be located in the sanctuary near the entrance doors for self-service.

On the first Sunday of the month prepackaged Communion kits will be located in the sanctuary near the entrance doors for self-service.

·         The wearing of masks to services will be optional for fully vaccinated attendees, but masks are recommended (and requested) for all unvaccinated participants.

          Masks will be available for anyone who needs one.

·         Hand sanitizing station and masks will be in the Narthex at the southeast (handicapped entry) door.

·         A hand sanitizing station will be placed in the Narthex at the double doors to the sanctuary.

·         Hand sanitizer will be provided in the pews.

·         A staggered seating system and 50% of the church capacity (maximum 90 persons) will be utilized.

o   Reservations will no longer be required to attend services. There is plenty of room if attendance does not exceed the capacity limit of 90..

o   No one will be turned away if they forgot to make their reservation

·         Greeter: see GREETER DUTIES instruction sheet

·         Ushers: See USHER DUTIES instruction sheet.

o   Family units will be allowed to sit together.

o   Friends that have been in physical contact before attending services will be allowed to sit together.

·         Ushers will act as acolyte and light the candles.

·         Pastor, liturgist and youth coordinator will be spaced at least 12 feet apart. Mask may be removed while performing their duties and reapplied when finished.  Children remain in their pews during family time.

·         One singer or musician will perform from the choir seating area. The performer may remove their mask during their performance and reapply when finished. Further, we request that all congregants that want to participate in choral pieces, wear a mask while singing.

·         Service attendees MAY participate in responsive readings with their masks on.

·         Sanctuary doors will remain open and ventilation fans on during the service.

·         Preferably no more than 2 individuals using the restroom at a time.

Sunday school classes, youth group, Bible study, and other usually “in person” activities will remain virtual until further notice.

There will be:

·         No physical contact, such as hand shaking or hugging indoors.

·         No participating in singing by the congregation without a mask.

·         Coffee fellowship outdoors after the service on the first and third Sundays.  (Weather permitting,)

·        Social distancing  in the Narthex recommendation:  Socialize OUTSIDE before and after the service